Turkeys, Travel, and Teleportation

Just in time for the mass exodus from Ann Arbor, SNRE’s own Shelie Miller, a specialist in life cycle assessment and energy, shares insights on sustainable transit.  Beyond the typical modes, she entertains our questioning of tele­por­ta­tion as surely the MOST sustainable transit form! 😉  Turkey man and local farmer John Harois is also in the studio to tell us about his magnificent birds. We hear all about why Kat’s dad drives from afar for these delectable pavos. A turkey slayer also calls in with the gruesome details. It is hot in here!

Environment, Information, and Sustainable Development: The Africa-Asia Nexus


From oil wars to heroic computer geeks to strap­ping GPS devices on cows…

Join us for this inter­view with recently hired faculty in the cluster for research and teaching on “Environment, Information, and Sustainable Development:  the Africa-​​Asia Nexus.”  Joyojeet Pal is assis­tant pro­fessor at the School of Information, Omolade Adunbi is assis­tant prof in the Department of African and African-​​American Studies, and Bilal Butt is in SNRE.  Host Rebecca Hardin will talk with them about the view of these issues from their homes and field sites in India, Kenya, and Nigeria.