Food Summit Recap

We hosted this con­ver­sa­tion with Shannon Brines, Jason Frenzel, and Lucas DiGia, orga­nizers of the April 2012 Local Food Summit. How did the summit go? What were the major themes and outcomes this year? Listen in to find out! (Don’t miss some of Lucas’ awesome Rap for Food toward the middle of the show!)

(+ bonus con­ver­sa­tion with Matt Grocoff, orga­nizer of the Mission Zero Fest coming up June 9–10, 2012. If you are a green building junkie, be sure to listen to the last 10 minutes of the audio to hear a preview of the fest…)

Environmental Ethics + Religion


NOTE: In this episode, we erroneously reported that Bill McKibben left…this is not true! It was an April Fool’s joke that Laura mistook for truth. Please accept our HUGE apology for a news mistake of this magnitude!

“It’s Hot in Here Radio” charts new ter­ri­tory for the program… Today we ask: what does scrip­ture tell us about envi­ron­mental stew­ard­ship? What are the messages fueling faith-​​based approaches to envi­ron­men­talism? Dr. Rolf Bouma joins us in the studio to discuss the inter­sec­tion of envi­ron­mental ethics and religion. Continue reading Environmental Ethics + Religion