Malaria, Metal, and Detroit’s Heidelberg Project, et al.


What do malaria, heavy metal, and community art have in common? They’re the focal points of this week’s It’s Hot In Here! We’re joined in the studio by Dr. Peter Larson, post-doctoral scholar in ecology and epidemiology at the University of Michigan, and, awesomely enough, an avid metal fan and musician. Peter shares his love of his work and music with us; introducing us to a host of metal tunes from various countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and offering some insight into the spatial distribution and determinants of infectious diseases in Kenya and Malawi.

In the second half of the show, we hear from Katie and Emily of Detroit’s Heidelberg Project. The Heidelberg Project is an open-air art environment in the heart of an urban community in Detroit’s East Side. Tyree Guyton, founder and artistic director, uses everyday, discarded objects to create a two block area full of color, symbolism, and intrigue. Now in its 27th year, the Heidelberg Project is recognized around the world as a demonstration of the power of creativity to transform lives.

[Just the] Tips for Beating the Winter Blues


Baby, it’s cold outside. In this episode of IHIH, we ask, “What exactly is a polar vortex?”, share some rather unusual stories about the grand fight against the winter blues, and check in with the SNRE Food Olympics.
If the show doesn’t quite warm you up enough, keep groovin’ to our music playlist (featuring such greats as Barrett Strong, ZZ Top, J Dilla, and Usher), preferably with a hot toddy in hand.

Tea Time with Sarah Besky


 Ready your cups and saucers and set your kettles to boil! We’re talking tea with Sarah Besky!

Sarah is a Postdoctoral Scholar with the Michigan Society of Fellows and Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan. In her book, The Darjeeling Distinction: Labor and Justice on Fair-trade Tea Plantations in India (U of California Press, 2013), Sarah narrates the lives of tea workers in Darjeeling in engaging and evocative prose to, “explore how notions of fairness, value, and justice shifted with the rise of fair-trade practices and postcolonial separatist politics in the region.” The Darjeeling Distinction is the first book of its kind, charting a new field for examining how fair-trade operates in the context of large-scale plantation-based production.

Join us (and exxxtra special guest co-host Rebecca Hardin, Associate Professor of Natural Resources and Environment at UM, and It’s Hot in Here Champion Extraordinaire!!) this Friday from 12-1PM.

Listen live online @, on your phone with WCBN’s iphone and android apps, or the old fashioned (but no less excellent) way by tuning your radio dials to 88.3 WCBN Radio Free Ann Arbor.

In the meantime, consider steeping your funny bones in these visual tea puns!

It’s Hot in Here Goes to Warsaw: A Conversation with the Parties



In November of 2013, SNRE students Jenny Cooper, Rachel Jacobson, and Chris Wolff joined the throngs of international delegates at the COP19 UN climate talks in Warsaw, Poland. In this episode of IHIH, they share some of their most memorable experiences. Listen in and let their stories transport you to the hectic, yet hopeful, scenes in Warsaw’s National Stadium, where over 10,000 participants from 89 countries came together to negotiate how to best safeguard present and future generations from climate change.

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