The Ravens Club: “Flavor is a Serious Matter”

“bitters are to cocktails, like seasonings are to food.”

This week Frank Fejeran (Chef) and Zack Zavisa (Bartender) of The Ravens Club take us on a savory trip through culinary and liquid media.  Join us!

The journey begins with the delights and (occasional) challenges of sourcing the most local (and happily produced) produce, beef, and cheese, and continues on to the pleasures of creating (and drinking) classic and creative cocktails with small-batch spirits and house-made mixes – think fresh tonic, complex bitters, fermented fruits. Continue reading The Ravens Club: “Flavor is a Serious Matter”

Growing Our Native Knowledge


“It doesn’t take much reading about current events to find articles detailing the plight of migratory songbirds and butterflies like monarchs. Due to a variety of circumstances, but especially the loss of suitable feeding and breeding habitat, numbers have dropped significantly and there is no reason to believe that that course will be reversed unless we do something about it.

Fortunately, individual property owners can do something about it. Using a variety of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants in your yard will help to provide resting and feeding spots for these critters, even if your yard is small. Continue reading Growing Our Native Knowledge

EJOLT: Environmental Justice Organisations, Liability, and Trade


It’s not often the US is left off any major world atlas. But such was the case with the European Union-funded Environmental Justice Organizations, Liabilities and Trade (EJOLT) project, which has previously reported on and analyzed 1,000 environmental conflicts in more than 60 countries, including India, Ecuador, Turkey, Mexico and South America. This data was organized on an interactive online mapping platform known as the EJOLT Atlas, which allows users to search and filter environmental conflicts across 100 fields and to browse by commodity, company, country, and type of conflict. But until now, U.S. case studies had not been included in EJOLT’s efforts. Continue reading EJOLT: Environmental Justice Organisations, Liability, and Trade

Dance & Divest for Mother Earth


To many Native Americans, the spring and summer months are known as powwow season–celebratory gatherings in which people come together to dance, sing, socialize, and honor Native cultures. Brittany Anstead and Hayden Hedman, two SNRE students and active members of the Native American Students Association at the University of Michigan, helped organize the 42nd Annual Dance for Mother Earth Pow Wow, taking place April 5th and 6th at Skyline High School. Brittany and Hayden offer up a delightful overview of what the event will entail, including dance contests, a fashion show, and lots of fry bread! Continue reading Dance & Divest for Mother Earth