Healthy Stuff and Consumer Product Safety


We kicked off spring break with a show on Healthy Stuff and Consumer Product Safety. Our hosts, Rebecca Hardin and Andrea Kraus were joined by toxic stuff guru, Jeff Gearhart from and the Research Director at The Ecology Center of Ann Arbor, and Andrew Klooster, a University of Michigan graduate (anthropology and sustainability) and current SNREd! We also discussed the importance of Recycle Ann Arbor. You can learn more about their work at We would like to give a special thanks to our talented Audio Engineer, Cameron Bothner. 

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China | Culture and Environment


Happy Chinese New Year!  
Our incredible co-hosts, Pearl Zeng and Sam Molnar, celebrated the Chinese New Year and discussed Chinese Culture and Environmental perspectives. Our co-hosts were joined by five guests, Hua Cai, Wufan Jia, Junhong Liang, Lingyan Xu, and Neal McKenna. We would like to give special thanks to our oh-so-talented audio engineer, Tex, who did his best to navigate through all the Chinese songs and help us with the show. We also want to thank Zeqi Zhu (SNRE MS) for helping record interviews during the SNRE Chinese New Year celebration, and thank Jose Alfaro (SNRE Faculty), Yuanyuan Cui (SNRE MS), Luis Cecco (SNRE MS) and Stevia Morawski (SNRE MS) for sharing with us their experience of the celebration. Continue reading China | Culture and Environment

IHIH Love Fest


Happy Valentine’s Day! 
We had a wonderful celebration of love in the studio yesterday! Along with our regular hosts, Pearl Zeng (, and Rebecca Hardin (, our latest member of the team, Bailey Schneider (, joined us in the studio. We celebrated Valentine’s Day and shared our love with the Founders and family of IHIH, including Jennifer Johnson, Hugh StimsonRachel Chatterdon Bair. We also discussed the ongoing fundraiser at WCBN.