Food Sovereignty


On this week’s show we discussed environmental news and the Food Sovereignty Conference: Local Struggles, Global Movement funded by the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies.

Our guests included Guntra Aistara, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy, Central European University in Budapest, who has studied organic agriculture movements in Latvia and Costa Rica, as well as Annette Aurélie Desmarais, the Canada Research Chair in Human Rights, Social Justice and Food Sovereignty at the University of Manitoba. Annette is the author of La Vía Campesina: Globalization and the Power of Peasants (2007) that has been published in French, Spanish, Korean, Italian and Portuguese.   Continue reading Food Sovereignty

Law, Property and Society

This week’s segment of It’s Hot In Here was Law, Property and Society.  Rebecca Hardin, our main host and the President-elect of the Association for Law, Property and SocietyHari Osofsky, previous Association president from the University of Minnesota Law School and Department of Geography, and Thomas Mitchell, Professor of Law at the  University of Wisconsin discussed affordable housing, indigenous rights, and energy politics.
The academic conference reflected on those who have been evicted or displaced from their properties. The Association of Law, Property and Society (ALPS) met at the University of Georgia Law School for its 6th Annual Conference. The ALPS values interdisciplinary dialogue, with legal scholars joined by geographers, anthropologists, urban planners and experts of other fields.

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