Climate Change Negotiations, Morality and Solar Energy


Join your friends on It’s Hot in Here this week as we dive into Climate Change Negotiations, morality in a global context (including the Pope’s recent climate change encyclical), and the impressive possibilities of solar energy right here in Michigan. Two special guests (and one special “caller”) are our guides on this political, material, conceptual, and auditory journey: Continue reading Climate Change Negotiations, Morality and Solar Energy

Protecting Michigan Water


Water conservation is the focus of this week’s show as we discussed conservation efforts in the White Lake area, invasive species and their effect on the local food supply, regulating levels of harmful chemicals like PCBs in the Great Lakes, the spotted gar, and more!

For more information about the dark past and revival of the White Lake watershed, go to:

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Music and Environmental Politics


Rebecca Hardin, Jennifer Johnson, David Clive and Bailey Schneider were joined in the studio by the lovely Donia Jarrar, a Palestinian composer and DMA student here at the University of Michigan. On this week’s segment of It’s Hot In Here, we discussed the pros and cons of the proposed reconstruction of Geddes Avenue and its social, economic and psychological effects on the Ann Arbor community, transporting trees on the University of Michigan campus, Donia’s recent trips to Palestine and her work here at U of M and over in the Middle East.

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Summer in Michigan

On this week’s show: Rebecca Hardin phones in from the wilds of Traverse City to discuss the virtuous adventures of interactive environmental learning; a long time listener, first time caller, and Michigan native fills us in on his favorite outdoor spots for maximizing our Michigan summer enjoyment; IHIH production team member Sam Molnar talks about his exciting work with the Great Lakes Commission; and we listen to new (and old) tracks from JJ’s favorite band the Unknown Mortal Orchestra! Links below!

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