Urinetown: Arts in our Parks and the Future of Peecycling

A local artistic and scientific collaboration between Ann Arbor’s Penny Seats Theatre Company and the University of Michigan’s Environmental Biotechnology Group is offering performances of the musical UrinetownThe Musical! as well as innovative water conservation research over the next three weekends starting July 30. Continue reading Urinetown: Arts in our Parks and the Future of Peecycling

Afro Optimism and International Collaboration


As President Obama touched down in Kenya early on Friday July 24, 2015 Carmella Tal Tomey, Assistant Research Professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, had only recently returned from Nairobi herself. Ella studies complex links between age, place, social and psychological factors, and physical impairment. She has recently expanded from research into what makes for healthy communities here in the U.S. to work within scientific communities overseas. She is developing video and slide materials to complement intimate, face to face workshops where she enables U.S. students and younger scholars to train with their international counterparts for more focused and effective writing, more responsible conduct of research, and more collaborative and productive careers.

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GIS in the Environmental Field


Join us on It’s Hot in Here this week to hear about GIS (Geographic Information System) applications in the Environmental Field — Mark Yoders from Quantum Spatial Inc. shared with us details on a variety of GIS projects involving the environment and David Betcher shared specifics on his work with the Great Lakes Communication. We also discussed different GIS technologies, including 3D LiDAR and photogrammetric point clouds, as well as thermal and infrared imagery. All these technologies have revolutionized the ease and precision of large-scale environmental assessments and monitoring, but still rely on field data for verification and expertise across fields to interpret.

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Poets and Patriots: A Conversation with Mark Clague

Join us this week for a patriotic (and musical) edition of It’s Hot in Here as we discuss symbols of American pride (or are they?), the cultural context from which Jimi Hendrix’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock arose, the newest news concerning the Geddes road expansion and the fate of the surrounding trees, and more!

Mark Clague (see credentials above) studies all forms of music-making in the United States, especially in Chicago, focusing on the functional aesthetic of music and the relationship between music and society. Continue reading Poets and Patriots: A Conversation with Mark Clague