Science and Social Conflicts in Climate Planning: The View from Ethiopia

This week’s show brings our listeners more than an hour of in-depth analysis and lively conversation on the challenges of climate change planning, both in Ethiopia and across the diverse governance landscape of East and North Africa. Tying in closely with a case study newly developed by a team of SNRE students for the pilot project “Michigan Sustainability Cases,” the broadcast explores the complexity of crafting effective and equitable adaptation policy. Specifically, we ask how national adaptation plans are made? By and for whom? What are the decision-making criteria? And what could these criteria fail to account for? Bringing together legal, anthropological, and environmental expertise, the broadcast takes adaptation policy as the starting point for a broad-ranging dialogue on climate change impacts, social conflict across ethno-linguistic groups, and national planning as a tool of marginalization.

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Sail on, Honey! 


 This week we played an archived show – Tea Time with Sarah Besky.

We want to use this show to send our love and best wishes to Sarah Besky for her new job at the Watson Institute for International Studies, to host Rebecca Hardin for her great work in India, and to host Jennifer Johnson for her new appointment as Assistant Professor in Anthropology at Purdue University.

Tune in, and enjoy, the beautiful voices, intriguing stories, and lovely music. Check out also:
Sarah Besky’s new website:, and
the original post for the 2014.01.17 Tea Time with Sarah Besky Show:

Mackinac Pipeline + Project in Gabon + IHIH Summer Vamping

*Vamping is to repeat a short, simple passage of music until otherwise instructed.

In today’s show, we focus our chat on the Michigan Mackinac pipeline and recent SNRE grad Katie Browne’s experience on capacity-building projects in Gabon. In addition, we vamped about our favorite non-American foods and non-English languages, and shared a letter from Rebecca Hardin in Hyderabad, India about her sustainability-case teaching experience to scholars from around the world. Continue reading Mackinac Pipeline + Project in Gabon + IHIH Summer Vamping