Christmas with the Krampus



This episode of It’s Hot Out There brings us to downtown Ypsilanti for the annual Krampus Ball. This free holiday event, open to the public, includes several DJs, a puppet show, and a walk down Michigan Avenue. An amazing party,  with many working  to make it happen:  from steadfast Mark Maynard at the tap, to the DJ’s flinging confetti on the dancers while pointing the strobe at the outlandish costumes;  the puppeteer used both hands to make his creatures danceIMG_2724 on the beat while his friends speared sausage chunks into his mouth.

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The Greening of Social Work

The Greening of Social Work

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This week’s environmental news, views, and grooves bring hosts Rebecca Hardin and Emily Durand to the world of social work. Through their discussions with Dr. Lucy Lawrence, professor of social work at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC, our hosts delve deep into the environmental movements happening in the field.

Here is a little background on the field of social work: it seeks to enhance the well-being of individuals, families, and communities through direct interaction. Also, individuals in this field strive to ensure social IMG_2688welfare and security for those affected by social disadvantages such as poverty or disabilities.  This week’s show runner Emily Durand, pictured, has first hand experience in this area of study and the field of environmental justice.

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A Cultural Change on Campus

A Cultural Change on Campus

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This week’s show featured a new method of conducting the show. Our hosts Becca Baylor, Alex Truelove, Bailey Schneider, and Harry Rice had a roundtable discussion about the changes occurring around campus.

Becca discussed her experience on the University of Michigan Sustainable Food Program Leadership Team. The UM Sustainable Food Program is looking for students to serve on the UMSFP 2016 Leadership Team! The Leadership Team is a student group that strives to build a sustainable food system on our campus.

Bailey’s membership in the University’s Greek Life scene brought the policies of President Schlissel and his administration into the conversation. While he has been making changes in the social scene on campus, the University President has also been striving to make large-scale changes in the sustainability initiatives on campus. His work has been effective as he has created a student sustainability initiative, campus-wide goals, and a plan for zero waste sporting events. However, the work of these students and the faculty at the university are going to be vital to the successful implementation of the administration’s programs for a more sustainable campus. We will be anxiously awaiting the increased opportunities to get involved, and many of us already have joined in. These moments have made a large impact on all of the hosts, as all of them are studying environmental problems and how to fix them. One host even began her journey on the islands of Hawaii.

We want to know why you got involved in the movement, and what other things you would like us to speak on in future shows? Let us know in the comments section! Also, be sure to check out our show on the Greening of Social Work on this very blog! Finally, happy holidays, and, as always, keep it hot!

Ceci n’est pas une négociation du climat: the COP Paris Climate Talks

Ceci n’est pas une négociation du climat: the COP Paris Climate Talks

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This week’s show gave our listeners insight into the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21), a conference of world leaders under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Our hosts, Harry Rice, Ed Waisanen, Bailey Schneider, and Rebecca Hardin were joined in studio by members of the University of Michigan Climate Change Delegation and the ground control team that’s supporting them at the climate negotiations in Paris. We were also joined by V Epshteyn and Ellen Loubert from UM Divest and Invest to hear about some local action that is taking place on the University of Michigan campus and in Ann Arbor.

COP 21 just wrapped up its first week in Le Bourget, Paris and will extend until December 11. The goal of the conference is to reach a legally binding and universal agreement to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to limit global warming to 2°C above pre-industrial levels. Over 50,000 participants including government leaders, environmental advocates, NGOs, UN agencies, and academics will be in attendance.

paris group 2015
The Michigan Team heading to COP 21

The participants are categorized as negotiators or delegates. Ten University of Michigan and faculty members will participate as delegates. The UM delegates are given the duty to report on what happens at the conference and to ensure that the negotiations are transparent. The UM delegation is part of an elite group of universities that can attend the COP conference. You can follow them on twitter.  Continue reading Ceci n’est pas une négociation du climat: the COP Paris Climate Talks

Drinking Sustainably with the Locals

This week’s episode of It’s Hot Out There takes us to the bar manager at Ann Arbor based Restaurant, Sava’s, as a follow up to our “Please, Drink Sustainably” series. Managing Bartender Mike Sweet gives us the inside scoop on the Michigan based drinks served at all three of Sava Lelcaj’s restaurants, the other two being Babo and Aventura.

Mike eloquently discusses the touch that the mitten has had on his bar, specifically its beer, but warns of the trouble it may cause for bartender’s in the state. Nevertheless, he continually celebrates the great deal of progress and versatility amongst Michigan’s growing beer and spirits scenes.

For more information on all three facets of the mitten’s alcohol scene, be sure to check out our beer, wine, and spirits episodes of our “Please, Drink Sustainably” series along with our exclusive interview with Matt Gacioch!

Don’t forget to tune in this Friday, as we will be addressing the COP talks currently going on in the wine rich country of France! And as always, keep it hot!