Get the Lead Out: Science for Policy in the Light of Environmental Racism Then and Now

Slack for iOS Upload (2)It was hot and heavy in the studio this week as Rob Wolcott, retired senior counsel at the Environmental Protection Agency, and Paul Mohai, Professor at the School of Natural Resources and Environment, joined hosts Ember McCoy, Austin Martin, and Rebecca Hardin to talk about the decision to mandate removal of lead from gasoline and the enduring, harmful lead levels throughout the country. Continue reading Get the Lead Out: Science for Policy in the Light of Environmental Racism Then and Now

Breakthrough Innovations in the Developing World

We have all heard of a carbon footprint. But what is an Ecological Handprint? Professor Rocky Rohwedder of Sonoma State University, and a University of Michigan alum, joined us here at IHIH to discuss just that.

Rocky Rohwedder has focused his many years of research on environmental science, sustainable development, green technologies, and digital communications. He has recently combined all these areas on interest into an e-book called Ecological Handprints, filled with outstanding photographs and stories of hope, inspiration, and innovation.

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Confronting the Arithmetic of Compassion: Decision Making and the World’s Urgent Problems

This week’s episode hosted by Andrea Krauss and Alex Truelove features UM Professor Joe Arvai and special guest Paul Slovic, President of Decision Research and Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon. Paul has dedicated his career to studying human risk perception and how it applies to our decision-making. From the studio to our favorite lunch spot nearly next door, we discuss pressing environmental and social challenges and why the social construction and emotional response to human suffering and risk matters as much as scientific assessment. Our dialogue equally considers the the perspectives and responsibilities of policy-makers, market actors, and citizen consumers. Enjoy!