11.08.2010 | Get Fermented with the Brinery

11.08.2010 | Get Fermented with the Brinery

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Global economic meltdown got you down? Then listen in and let David Klingenberger CFO (Chief Fermentation Officer) of Ann Arbor’s own The Brinery stim­u­late your inner economy.

After an exxxtraspe­cial call-​​in from from America’s Next Top Political Pundit (and hope­fully IHIH’s newest polit­ical cor­re­spon­dent) Colin Warren, we crunch on turnips, groove on some veggie-​​themed jams and talk fer­men­ta­tion, local produce, and local business with David — a man who loves pickles even more than we do.

Is all this talk of fla­vorful, crunchy, organic, local pickled veg­eta­bles making your mouth water? Then be sure to check out The Brinery @ the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market Wednesdays and Saturdays. Your guts will thank you.


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