A Cultural Change on Campus

A Cultural Change on Campus

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This week’s show featured a new method of conducting the show. Our hosts Becca Baylor, Alex Truelove, Bailey Schneider, and Harry Rice had a roundtable discussion about the changes occurring around campus.

Becca discussed her experience on the University of Michigan Sustainable Food Program Leadership Team. The UM Sustainable Food Program is looking for students to serve on the UMSFP 2016 Leadership Team! The Leadership Team is a student group that strives to build a sustainable food system on our campus.

Bailey’s membership in the University’s Greek Life scene brought the policies of President Schlissel and his administration into the conversation. While he has been making changes in the social scene on campus, the University President has also been striving to make large-scale changes in the sustainability initiatives on campus. His work has been effective as he has created a student sustainability initiative, campus-wide goals, and a plan for zero waste sporting events. However, the work of these students and the faculty at the university are going to be vital to the successful implementation of the administration’s programs for a more sustainable campus. We will be anxiously awaiting the increased opportunities to get involved, and many of us already have joined in. These moments have made a large impact on all of the hosts, as all of them are studying environmental problems and how to fix them. One host even began her journey on the islands of Hawaii.

We want to know why you got involved in the movement, and what other things you would like us to speak on in future shows? Let us know in the comments section! Also, be sure to check out our show on the Greening of Social Work on this very blog! Finally, happy holidays, and, as always, keep it hot!

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