Climate Blue: With or Without US?

Climate Blue: With or Without US?

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On this week’s episode of It’s Hot in Here, hosts Malavika Sahai and Chris Askew-Merwin are joined in studio by returning guest, Ed Waisanen, and first-time guest Connor Rubin who were both delegates at the COP 22 this past year in Marrakech, Morroco (for an in-depth recap on COP 22 check out this IHIH episode on the conference with Ed Waisanan and Ember McCoy). We discuss a recent event, called With or Without US?, hosted by Climate Blue, a University of Michigan student group that sends delegations of students to attend the yearly United Nations climate climate change conference called the Conference of Parties. The event was composed of  talks given by student delegates and an expert panel on the future of climate change action at the international, national, and local levels. We chat with Ed and Connor about their experiences and the topics they chose to present at the event. Connor regails us with a discussion on the “hidden figures” of the climate change movement and Ed educates us on the importance of “loss and damages” in climate change negotiations. Then we listen to selected clips from the expert panel and discuss the strategies and views of those phenomenal leaders. And all the while, playing stone-cold grooves.

For more information on Climate Blue, including ways to get involved head on over to their website.

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