Exploring Nature through Poetry with Keith Taylor

Exploring Nature through Poetry with Keith Taylor

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Keith Taylor, a celebrated local writer, poet, and teacher joins host Chris Askew-Merwin in studio to explore nature and environmentalism through the lens of poetry. Born in British Columbia, Keith shows us how his travels through some of the most remote and wild places in the world have shaped his work and his mindset. Listen as we discuss the role that art has played and continues to play in the environmental movement. However, the true pleasure of this show lies in the beautiful readings Keith delivers from his latest book of poetry, The Bird-while.

Ever wanted to know how to tell the tracks of a black bear from grizzly bear? Could there be wolves roaming the lower peninsula of Michigan? Curious how long it would take you to leave civilization behind? Don’t wait to find out the answer to these questions and more.

For more information on Keith Taylor, including books, bio, and upcoming readings head on over to his website.

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