Great Lakes Arts, Cultures, and Environments (GLACE)

Great Lakes Arts, Cultures, and Environments (GLACE)

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(UPDATE: Applications extended to April 14th!) Apply HERE!

On this episode of It’s Hot In Here, Ingrid Diran and Josh Shapero join hosts Bella Isaacs and Ben Sonnega to speak about the U of M Biological Station’s newest course offering: Great Lakes Arts, Cultures, and Environments!

GLACE (Great Lakes Arts, Cultures, and Environments) is a interdisciplinary humanities program held in Northern Michigan during the Spring half-term. Josh and Ingrid will be joined by other U of M faculty and instructors as they teach four interconnected, two-credit courses: two in English, one in Anthropology, and one in American Culture.

The University of Michigan Biological Station (UMBS) is a research campus situated on Douglas Lake, amid 10,000 undeveloped acres in Pellston, Michigan. For two to six weeks (between May 10-June 23), 20-25 students will work closely with four faculty exploring such concepts as “place,” “natural history,” and “cultural identity” through an engagement not only with literary and other texts but also, in hands-on ways, with the local landscape and its inhabitants, ecologies, and histories.

In addition to formal academic work, the GLACE program experience includes creative writing, hiking, swimming, playing, and taking trips to places of natural and cultural interest in and around Pellston. GLACE students will live and work alongside student and faculty researchers in microbiology, climatology, geology, and ecology. GLACE adds a new humanistic dimension to the cross-disciplinary interactions that have long been strengths of UMBS, fostering a greater understanding of the natural world and our approaches to it.

Hit play NOW to check out this awesome conversation that will surely get you excited about arts, culture, place and environment!

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