UM Campus Sustainability Variety Show

UM Campus Sustainability Variety Show

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Sick of envi­ron­mental talk being so gloomy-​​n-​​doomy? Wish you knew more about what sustainability-​​related ini­tia­tives and events were hap­pening on U-M’s campus? Been han­kering for some great tunes about Mother Earth? Welp, then WCBN 88.3FM has the answer for you!

Co-​​hosts Kat Superfisky and Laura “Smitty” Smith bring you the “U’M Sustainability Variety Hour”!

Not all envi­ron­mental talk needs to be depressing! listen in on this infor­ma­tive and inspi­ra­tional segment about sus­tain­ability hap­pening right here on U-M’s campus…from the top down AND bottom up!

Special guests include: Student Sustainability Initiative, Environmental Issues Commission, Graham Scholars, TEDxArb folks, and real students taking real sus­tain­ability courses!

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