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Militarization of Conservation: Narratives of Poaching

In this week’s broadcast, we dive into a complicated and contentious issue, discussing the increasing militarization of conservation and anti-poaching efforts on the African continent, especially as they relate to broader anti-terrorism agendas.

Host Katie Browne, accompanied by first time co-hosts Mike Burbidge and Claire Poelking, introduce this week’s topic with discussion of the new Global Anti-Poaching Act (H.R.2494), currently under debate in the US Senate, which calls for support of anti-poaching efforts, strengthening of partner country capacity to counter wildlife trafficking, and designation of major wildlife trafficking countries. Continue reading Militarization of Conservation: Narratives of Poaching

Fukushima and Fisheries: Responses to Environmental Disaster in Contemporary Japan


This week we have two very special guests in studio with us, and one on the phone lines, to talk about Environmental Disaster, Fisheries, and the Future in Japan.


First up, Satsuki Takahashi, is an environmental Anthropologist who is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at George Mason University. Dr. Takahashi is the latest in a long line of self-described “Girl Fish Geeks” on It’s Hot in Here (cf. Ellen Spooner on wrangling Muskies on Lake Saint Claire, and Jennifer Johnson who Continue reading Fukushima and Fisheries: Responses to Environmental Disaster in Contemporary Japan



Today’s show features Jimmy Chin, renowned North Face team Climber and Photographer, Will Weber, Founder of Journeys International and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, and Benjamin Morse, SNRE MSc. student (2016) and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.

Continue reading Ecotourism

Environment, Information, and Sustainable Development: The Africa-Asia Nexus


From oil wars to heroic computer geeks to strap­ping GPS devices on cows…

Join us for this inter­view with recently hired faculty in the cluster for research and teaching on “Environment, Information, and Sustainable Development:  the Africa-​​Asia Nexus.”  Joyojeet Pal is assis­tant pro­fessor at the School of Information, Omolade Adunbi is assis­tant prof in the Department of African and African-​​American Studies, and Bilal Butt is in SNRE.  Host Rebecca Hardin will talk with them about the view of these issues from their homes and field sites in India, Kenya, and Nigeria.