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Mackinac Pipeline + Project in Gabon + IHIH Summer Vamping

*Vamping is to repeat a short, simple passage of music until otherwise instructed.

In today’s show, we focus our chat on the Michigan Mackinac pipeline and recent SNRE grad Katie Browne’s experience on capacity-building projects in Gabon. In addition, we vamped about our favorite non-American foods and non-English languages, and shared a letter from Rebecca Hardin in Hyderabad, India about her sustainability-case teaching experience to scholars from around the world. Continue reading Mackinac Pipeline + Project in Gabon + IHIH Summer Vamping

Law, Property and Society

This week’s segment of It’s Hot In Here was Law, Property and Society.  Rebecca Hardin, our main host and the President-elect of the Association for Law, Property and SocietyHari Osofsky, previous Association president from the University of Minnesota Law School and Department of Geography, and Thomas Mitchell, Professor of Law at the  University of Wisconsin discussed affordable housing, indigenous rights, and energy politics.
The academic conference reflected on those who have been evicted or displaced from their properties. The Association of Law, Property and Society (ALPS) met at the University of Georgia Law School for its 6th Annual Conference. The ALPS values interdisciplinary dialogue, with legal scholars joined by geographers, anthropologists, urban planners and experts of other fields.

Continue reading Law, Property and Society

Michigan Black Gold (Season Finale)


Image courtesy of Mia Risberg

In September of 2013 (just as the ’13-’14 season of It’s Hot In Here was kicking off) Traverse City-based oil and gas company West Bay Exploration performed seismic tests west of Ann Arbor to map out potential sites for oil extraction. Eight months later, 300 people stood side by side to partake in an informational forum on oil exploration in Scio Township.  As West Bay actively seeks out the necessary mineral leases from Scio homeowners in order to drill, concerned residents are uniting to learn about oil leasing and empower fellow homeowners to fully explore their options before turning over drilling rights to the company. Continue reading Michigan Black Gold (Season Finale)

Turkeys, Travel, and Teleportation

Just in time for the mass exodus from Ann Arbor, SNRE’s own Shelie Miller, a specialist in life cycle assessment and energy, shares insights on sustainable transit.  Beyond the typical modes, she entertains our questioning of tele­por­ta­tion as surely the MOST sustainable transit form! 😉  Turkey man and local farmer John Harois is also in the studio to tell us about his magnificent birds. We hear all about why Kat’s dad drives from afar for these delectable pavos. A turkey slayer also calls in with the gruesome details. It is hot in here!

05.16.2011 | A Conversation with Michelle Martinez of the Sierra Club


The Sierra Club’s not just about birds anymore.

Join us, as we talk fish, hair, toxics, green jobs, energy, envi­ron­mental justice and more with Michelle Martinez, former UM School of Natural Resources and Environment M.S. student and current orga­nizer with the Sierra Club.

04.11.2011 | Energy, Budgets, Birds


Join us for the debut of IHIH’s newest co-​​hosts Laura (Lolo Smith) and Kat (Superfly) Superfisky!

Kerry Duggan, Senior Advisor, Legislative Affairs, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy joins us to hype the April 21-​​22nd workshop held in the Michigan League entitled: Revitalizing Innovation in Michigan for Clean Energy Manufacturing Click on the workshop title to register!

Jesse Worker joins us from Flint, MI to chat energy effi­ciency upgrades and eval­u­ating project performance!

Rachel Chadderdon tells us what’s in season in the Denver region!

And last, but never least, Ashley Lowe gives us some sound advice on managing our personal finances!

10.18.2010 | Great Lakes, Green Jobs


This just in: the Detroit Incinerator is offi­cially shut down and the Beehive Collective is soon coming to town!

Tune into It’s Hot in Here, Monday from 12–1 on 88.3 WCBN-​​FM-​​Ann Arbor, or wcbn​.org/​l​i​s​t​e​n​.​h​tml for our “Great Lakes, Green Jobs: Environmental Justice, Clean Energy, Activism” edition.

Michelle Martinez, SNRE Alum and Cool Cities Project Staff Organizer with the Sierra Club will join us live in the studio to talk clean, green jobs in the Great Lakes Region. Diana Nucera from the Allied Media Project and Ahmina Maxey form the East Michigan Environmental Action Council will joins us on the phone to chat about the Beehive Collective and the recently closed Detroit Incinerator.

Listen closely and you may even score a free pair of tickets to a hot concert near you,

Stay Hot Ann Arbor,