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Fun with Fungi

This week our special in studio guest is Philip Tedischi, Past President and current Vice President of the Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club, Phil is a “real fungi.” We learned during our time in studio that he served as engineer for WCBN FM back in his days as an undergraduate at UM in the 1960s, but also boasts a total of 5 advanced degrees from the university of MI, including a PhD in Computer Science. Phil was joined on the mike by contemporary DJ Rodney, a Saline, MI resident who stopped on his way out of the studios after his show to ask a few choice questions about Morrell mushrooms. Tune in and learn along with Rodney! Phil is a real authority, and leads mushroom hunts on many fall weekends.

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GIS in the Environmental Field


Join us on It’s Hot in Here this week to hear about GIS (Geographic Information System) applications in the Environmental Field — Mark Yoders from Quantum Spatial Inc. shared with us details on a variety of GIS projects involving the environment and David Betcher shared specifics on his work with the Great Lakes Communication. We also discussed different GIS technologies, including 3D LiDAR and photogrammetric point clouds, as well as thermal and infrared imagery. All these technologies have revolutionized the ease and precision of large-scale environmental assessments and monitoring, but still rely on field data for verification and expertise across fields to interpret.

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Summer in Michigan

On this week’s show: Rebecca Hardin phones in from the wilds of Traverse City to discuss the virtuous adventures of interactive environmental learning; a long time listener, first time caller, and Michigan native fills us in on his favorite outdoor spots for maximizing our Michigan summer enjoyment; IHIH production team member Sam Molnar talks about his exciting work with the Great Lakes Commission; and we listen to new (and old) tracks from JJ’s favorite band the Unknown Mortal Orchestra! Links below!

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Climate Change in 2014, Tu B’shevat, and SNRE’s Food Olympics


On this week’s show, we discussed current environmental news, climate change with Alexandra (Lexi) Brewer (MS ’15), Tu B’shevat (Birthday of Trees) with Nick Bruscatto (MS ’16), and the SNRE Food Olympics with Rebecca Baylor. We also discussed the upcoming and exciting events happening around SNRE and the University of Michigan!

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Today’s show features Jimmy Chin, renowned North Face team Climber and Photographer, Will Weber, Founder of Journeys International and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, and Benjamin Morse, SNRE MSc. student (2016) and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.

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Growing Our Native Knowledge


“It doesn’t take much reading about current events to find articles detailing the plight of migratory songbirds and butterflies like monarchs. Due to a variety of circumstances, but especially the loss of suitable feeding and breeding habitat, numbers have dropped significantly and there is no reason to believe that that course will be reversed unless we do something about it.

Fortunately, individual property owners can do something about it. Using a variety of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants in your yard will help to provide resting and feeding spots for these critters, even if your yard is small. Continue reading Growing Our Native Knowledge

Michiganders Visit Kellogg’s HQ to Decry Deforestation – Special Interview with Eva Resnick-Day


Following recent announcements from Unilever and Ferraro stating they would switch to sustainable palm oil sources by 2014, Forest Heroes, a Michigan advocacy group for the protection of Indonesian rainforest, decided it was time to apply extra pressure on Kellogg’s to join their pledge.

And thus, last Wednesday Forest Heroes led a group of over 80 people to Kellogg’s headquarters in Battlecreek to deliver over 5,000 petitions and letters from concerned Michiganders, as well as a sign-on letter from over 100 community organizations, businesses, university groups, and faith groups across the state.

Eva Resnick-Day (Forest Heroes organizer, GreenCorps trainee, and two time guest of IHIH)  helped organize and lead the rally, and later sat down with Andrea to talk her through the events, Kellogg’s reaction, the subsequent media storm, and what’s up next.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the campaign, or just want to thank Eva for her hard work, please contact her at (eva at greencorps dot org).

You can also read more on the story in the Washington Post and Time, as well as listen to a previous It’s Hot In Here interview with Eva!

Activism & Deforestation

Nov. 1, 2013: Two passionate activists join us and talk about their work curbing rainforest deforestation in Southeast Asia.

– Eva Resnick-Day, Forest Heroes campaign organizer and Greencorps trainee, returns to the show to update us on the campaign against the massive palm oil farms that are destroying Indonesia’s rainforest.

– Brihannala Morgan, director of the Borneo Project, talks about working with indigenous communities to protect rainforest and land rights. Currently, they’re taking on dam expansion in Malaysian Borneo.