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Learning from the Locals: Community-Based Conservation with Nils Christoffersen

This week’s It’s Hot Out There segment features an exclusive interview with Wallowa Resources Executive Director Nils Christoffersen. Our guest visited the School of Natural Resources and Environment for the Wyss Speaker Series to share his experiences with community based conservation in the American West.  Nils shared the Bundy militia standoff in Oregon as an example of how these conflicts represent the broader tensions between conservation and communities in the West.  Wallowa Resources has been working to provide communities with an alternative process for community-based management that helps overcome these conflicts.  With the final militia men turning themselves in on February 11th, this interview comes at an extremely relevant time. Continue reading Learning from the Locals: Community-Based Conservation with Nils Christoffersen

The Greening of Social Work

This week’s environmental news, views, and grooves bring hosts Rebecca Hardin and Emily Durand to the world of social work. Through their discussions with Dr. Lucy Lawrence, professor of social work at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC, our hosts delve deep into the environmental movements happening in the field.

Here is a little background on the field of social work: it seeks to enhance the well-being of individuals, families, and communities through direct interaction. Also, individuals in this field strive to ensure social IMG_2688welfare and security for those affected by social disadvantages such as poverty or disabilities.  This week’s show runner Emily Durand, pictured, has first hand experience in this area of study and the field of environmental justice.

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Growing Authentic Leaders from Communities Most Impacted by Environmental Injustice and Climate Change


On this week’s show, our hosts Rebecca Hardin, Whitney Smith and Nicholas Bruscato discussed Growing Authentic Leaders from Communities Most Impacted by Environmental Injustice and Climate Change with the distinguished Dr. Robert Bullard – “The Father of Environmental Justice” and current Dean of the Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs at Texas Southern University
What is Environmental Justice?
Environmental Justice is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies (Environmental Protection Agency, 2015).
The Principles of Environmental Justice can be viewed here

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Growing Hope


Growing Hope, an Ypsilanti-based nonprofit, helps people improve their lives and communities through gardening and healthy food access.  Using a strengths-based approach, the Growing Hope team works to build peoples’ capacity to use community and school gardens as vehicles for positive social, economic, environmental and neighborhood change. They advocate for healthy food, manage an urban farmers’ market, and train youth and adults to make positive investments in their future.

…and they even take the show on the road with Clifford, the big red truck farm! Continue reading Growing Hope

Growing Our Native Knowledge


“It doesn’t take much reading about current events to find articles detailing the plight of migratory songbirds and butterflies like monarchs. Due to a variety of circumstances, but especially the loss of suitable feeding and breeding habitat, numbers have dropped significantly and there is no reason to believe that that course will be reversed unless we do something about it.

Fortunately, individual property owners can do something about it. Using a variety of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants in your yard will help to provide resting and feeding spots for these critters, even if your yard is small. Continue reading Growing Our Native Knowledge

Environmental Ethics + Religion


NOTE: In this episode, we erroneously reported that Bill McKibben left 350.org…this is not true! It was an April Fool’s joke that Laura mistook for truth. Please accept our HUGE apology for a news mistake of this magnitude!

“It’s Hot in Here Radio” charts new ter­ri­tory for the program… Today we ask: what does scrip­ture tell us about envi­ron­mental stew­ard­ship? What are the messages fueling faith-​​based approaches to envi­ron­men­talism? Dr. Rolf Bouma joins us in the studio to discuss the inter­sec­tion of envi­ron­mental ethics and religion. Continue reading Environmental Ethics + Religion