House Greening

House Greening

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Matt Grocoff and Joe Trumpey are were in the HOUSE today! Co-​​hosts Rebecca Hardin and Laura Smith conversed with Matt and Joe throughout the hour about their amazing homes in the Ann Arbor area.

Joe Trumpey, a professor in the School of Art & Design and the School of Natural Resources, built his off-​​grid home by hand. It is a mixture of straw­bale construction and stunning natural materials – surrounded by 40 acres of forests and pastures of cattle, a flock of sheep, and a solar panel that follows the sun. See this Michigan Daily feature on Joe’s Pad.

Matt Grocoff, a net energy home consultant and lecturer, has a green renovated home on Ann Arbor’s west side. Named one of USA Today’s Seven Best Green Houses of 2010, the Mission Zero House is America’s oldest and Michigan’s first net-​​zero energy home – meaning the home produces more than its owners consume. Check out his awesome websites at…



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