Carbon Tax Campus Student Initiative

Carbon Tax Campus Student Initiative

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On this episode of It’s Hot In Here, guest Mitchell Mead joined hosts Ben Sonnega and Bella Isaacs to discuss his unique perspective on climate change and the use of a carbon tax to combat it.

As a small town Michigan kid, he says that he always had care for the environment and nature that surrounded him, but it wasn’t until he got to the University of Michigan that he really became actively engaged with the fight to protect it. Citing his environmental toxicology course with professor Rita Loch-Caruso as a platform, he ultimately became interested in the way that policy and economics can work to combat climate change.

He is now building on previous work done by students calling upon the university to create their own carbon tax structure. The University of Michigan has explicitly written sustainability goals, but will they rise to the challenge that has been set forth by their student body on this one? Tune in to hear more from Mitch, Ben, and Bella!

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